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Being a Deputy Store Manager

Organised. Hardworking. Responsible. Incredibly friendly. That’s you. Someone who can work closely with the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager – and deputise when they’re away.

You’ll be eager to learn with the enthusiasm to ensure we have a happy team, even happier customers and an efficient, high-quality store. Prove yourself, and there’s every chance to progress to Assistant Store Manager.

Our Benefits

An impressive salary

You’ll get £13.65 per hour (rising to £14.60 per hour). Plus, an additional £4.00 per hour while running the store. If you’re in London, you’ll get £14.90 rising to £15.20 per hour.

A whole host of perks

But we know it’s not just about salary - you name it, you get it (well, within reason). From paid breaks, healthcare benefits and parental leave, to a whole range of lifestyle perks, it’s all on offer.

A great work-life balance

You’ll usually work around 25 hours per week, but this can vary from 10-40. To help re-charge your batteries, you’ll also get 28 days’ paid holiday.

What we'll offer you

Our application process

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Online Application/CV Upload

Questions such as "What hours are you looking for?" will help us see if you're right for the opportunities we have. Once you've submitted your application, our hiring managers will screen your answers.

Interview or Assessment

This might involve a short video interview followed by a group or individual interview with an Area Manager where you’ll be asked a series of questions and scenarios relating to the job role you have applied for.

Aldi Store Experience

Following a successful interview you will be invited to take part in the 'Aldi Store Experience' where you'll get the chance to observe the different tasks that you would be expected to complete in role.

Apply now

You’ve seen all there is to see about becoming an Aldi Deputy Store Manager. So the only question left is whether you’re ready to become one? We know you are. 

Search for a role


Because we’re growing so quickly, we’re always on the lookout for new store colleagues. You can find all the vacancies near you, register your interest and apply here. 

You’ll need to be comfortable with numbers. But this is also about having a friendly personality, a ‘get-on-with-it’ attitude and a passion for our business. 

It can be tough in store, and lots of different challenges will come your way. We need to know you’re up for the Aldi challenge, and that you’re great at dealing with people. After all, you’ll always support the team and put your customers first. So you’ll need to show us you can be a reliable team member, happy to help whenever possible. 

We’ll create a training programme that suits you. It normally lasts around 6 weeks and involves all kinds of activities. Experienced colleagues will take you under their wing and help you learn everything from till work and stock replenishment to store cleaning, the ins and outs of Health & Safety, and customer service. Both your Store Manager and Area Manager will be closely involved to make sure you have everything you need. 

Where possible, you’ll be trained in your local area. 

You’ll receive constant feedback on your performance throughout your training, from your Store Manager and your Area Manager. But it’s a two-way thing. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to offer your own thoughts and perspective on your development. 

Ideally, yes. The stores will be local but travelling by public transport may not always be reliable or convenient. And it’s always a big help if you can provide cover in other local stores. 

It’s simple really. We believe our people are the best in the retail business. Compared with other supermarkets, our teams are smaller and the job involves a much wider range of activities. Our store colleagues work hard, they’re flexible, they use their initiative… at the end of the day, they deserve every penny. 

It depends on the store size but you’ll normally work with between 25 and 60 colleagues. 

Deputy Store Managers work between 10 and 40 hours a week, depending on the type of part-time contract that suits you and the store. But you can work more than that when extra hours are available. The Store Manager will draw up the rota 4 weeks in advance and your work patterns will reflect the needs of the store. We expect you to be flexible but we also try and accommodate your needs. 

No - Aldi employees are not and have never been classed as self employed. 

Yes. We’re the only retailer who pays our colleagues for their break time.


If a colleague completed a 6-hour shift with a 20 minute break, they might work from 8am to 12pm, then clock out from 12pm to 12:20pm, then finishing the shift at 2pm.


With other employers, the colleague would get paid 5.67 hours for the 6-hour shift at their hourly rate.  Salary for shift = 5.67 hours at their hourly rate.


At Aldi, the 20-minute break is paid for, so the colleague would still work 8am to 2pm with a 20-minute break at 12pm to 12:20pm but they would receive payment for the full 6 hours at the hourly rate.  Salary for shift = 6 hours at the hourly rate.