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This is a huge deal for us. We’re all about doing business in the right way, for all the right reasons. Everything we do is designed to ensure that we keep our partners, our suppliers and, of course, our customers happy. Happy with our products, our service and everything we stand for. 

At Aldi, Corporate Responsibility covers six key areas. All areas currently have a spotlight on them as we turn our attentions to Corporate Responsibility more than ever. 

* Resources (where we get our products from, our palm oil, paper, timber… there’s a list as long as your arm)

* Consumers (health, nutrition, ingredients)

* Suppliers (the ethical side of how suppliers are treated

* Community (charitable donations, rapport with local area)

* Our People (are we treating employees fairly?)

* Energy & Environment (CO2 emissions and so on)

What kind of roles are there?

Aldi UK & Ireland falls under CR International which sets a framework for all the different countries we operate within. There are KPIs we need to adhere to, but it also allows us to share what each of the countries are doing. We discuss Best Practice and enter into an international dialogue to decide the way forward. We also talk to industry bodies, academic communities, fellow retailers, suppliers and other experts in the field. The main purpose is to gather and share information, so we can ensure that we’re behaving responsibly and ethically as a business. 

Specialist teams are headed up by Directors and supported by Managers and Assistants. Why not find out more?  

Corporate Responsibility Manager

Corporate Responsibility Manager

This is a senior role in an area that receives a lot of attention, not only from the outside world but also the rest of the business. You’ll be on the front line, celebrating best practice with industry bodies, academic communities, retailers and suppliers.

Focusing on our Corporate Responsibility strategy, you’ll define new CR policies through close consultation with Buying Directors, Suppliers and other external stakeholders. Your innovative suggestions will challenge the way we do things and pave the way for new ideas that reflect how our business is evolving. Whether you’re advising the business or managing a project, you’ll be given plenty of responsibility and autonomy to showcase your skills.

This role is about matching a strong CR track record with the ability to ‘get stuck in’ and make sure that best practice is at the heart of everything we do. There are many different fields of focus, so we look for a breadth of experience.


    • Competitive salary rising in increments to £76,495 in year 4
    • 5-day/50-hour week, working Monday- Friday  
    • 5 weeks’ annual leave plus Bank Holidays   
    • Full training provided   
    • Company pension from commencement
    • Private employee medical insurance after 6 months   
    • Life assurance   
    • Company sick pay scheme   
    • Company maternity, paternity and adoption leave  
    • Long service awards
Corporate Responsibility Assistant

Corporate Responsibility Assistant

Our Corporate Responsibility Assistants are more than just ‘Assistants’. They’re all specialists in different areas, such as Nutrition and the Environment. Together, they create a formidable team who are busy ensuring that Aldi keeps best practice right at the heart of the business.

Supporting the Corporate Responsibility Manager, you’ll play a key role in ensuring that the department runs efficiently. As well as developing strong external relationships, you’ll also be responsible for competitor benchmarking. There will be plenty of day-to-day organisational work too, such as filing and ensuring that data is secure.

Success in this role requires an eye for detail and good organisational skills. You’ll also be great in a team – someone who we can rely on to share our passion and our strong ethics. 


  • £31,040 rising in increments to £36,245 in year 5
  •  5 weeks’ annual leave plus Bank Holidays   
  •  Full training provided   
  •  Company pension after 4 years   
  •  Company sick pay scheme   
  •  Company maternity, paternity and adoption leave after 2 years   
  •  Long service awards


We’re good at lots of things at Aldi, but we’re particularly good at looking after our people. Yes, you’ll need to work hard and we expect you to be committed (you know, turning up on time, working hard, that sort of thing) but we’ll make every effort to show our appreciation. That’s why we offer the following benefits:

Market-leading package

Yes, the rumours are true: we pay incredibly well. But in return, we’ll ask a lot of you. That’s why we want you to feel looked after.

Nice working environment

Fresh. Energised. Attractive. Those are just some of the terms you could use to describe where you’ll work. It’s the kind of place where you can do great things. A place where your ideas will be heard and you’ll have the freedom to put them into action.

Excellent work-life balance

We always make sure our people have a great work-life balance. Plenty of time off, fantastic benefits and some decent salaries to holiday in style.

Great opportunities to develop

At Aldi we’ll value you for what you can do, rather than where you’ve come from. So we’ll accept, recognise and often implement your ideas and recognise your contribution.

Meet our Corporate Responsibility Team

Time to meet some of our shining stars who are keeping CR big news within Aldi, and the rest of the industry. We’re proud of our achievements so far, but there’s plenty more to do. Let’s see how we’re making our ambitions a reality. 

Caroline Husband

Corporate Responsibility Director


Did you know... Aldi has solar panels on over 290 stores that contribute to the energy we use.


We’re delighted that you’d like to apply. It’s pretty competitive so make sure you’ve done your homework and that you’re primed and ready to demonstrate your skills.