General Management

Our General Management Industrial Placement

A year in industry is a great way to see how a company works. But our General Management Industrial Placement provides so much more. Over the year, you’ll experience real responsibility. In fact, fast rotations across store and office environments will give you a breathtaking snapshot of our business and the skills you need to succeed. What will you do when you’re handed the keys and told: “You’re in charge”? Well, it’s time to find out.

A placement like no other

  • Day One

    Day One

    You’ll settle into Aldi, sign your contract and meet the Store Operations Director who will take you through your induction.

  • Weeks 1-3

    Weeks 1-3

    The Area Manager will walk you through our fast-moving operation and why we’re doing so well in the marketplace.

  • Weeks 4-13

    Weeks 4-13

    Time to roll up your sleeves and see exactly what happens in our stores, from stacking shelves to serving customers.

  • Week 14

    Week 14

    Working alongside the Area Manager, you’ll demonstrate your new-found skills. You’ll see stores from a fresh perspective and what goes into multi-site management.

  • Week 15

    Week 15

    A chance for a breather on a well-earned, one-week holiday. Enjoy…

  • Weeks 16-23

    Weeks 16-23

    You’ll shadow the Store Manager and experience their challenging, rewarding and stimulating role. It’s about learning to lead a successful team and creating an environment where people feel really motivated.

  • Week 24

    Week 24

    You’ll be out and about with an Area Manager, experiencing their day and all the different skills you need to do a great job.

  • Weeks 25

    Weeks 25

    Feet up and relax. You deserve it.

  • Week 26-32

    Week 26-32

    More Store Management. It’s great to be on the front line, seeing how things need to be run in such a fast-paced team environment.

  • Week 33

    Week 33

    Holiday time already? Time flies at Aldi, particularly when you’re learning so much.

  • Week 34

    Week 34

    Back to working with the Area Manager to gain insight and experience from the very best.

  • Week 35

    Week 35

    Logistics time. Efficiency has always been the name of the game at Aldi and a cornerstone of our success. At this point in your programme, you’ll learn everything from streamlining distribution to vehicle tracking and routing. This is one of the key pillars of retailing.

  • Week 36

    Week 36

    Financial Administration. We’ve built our business on delivering quality products at low prices, so who better to give you advice and special training on balancing the books? It’s essential you understand the fundamentals if you want to make a name for yourself at Aldi. And this is an invaluable part of your training.

  • Weeks 37-42

    Weeks 37-42

    Now’s the time to put all your knowledge together. You’ll be given a project brief that will outline proposed areas for improvement across Trading and Logistics. You can see your work have a long-lasting impact on regional (or even national) decisions.

  • Week 43

    Week 43

    Kick back on another holiday as you reflect on how much you’ve learned and experienced so far.

  • Weeks 44-48

    Weeks 44-48

    You’ll complete more project work, but this time across Property and Administration. It’s another golden opportunity to showcase your talents.

  • Week 49

    Week 49

    Your last week with the Area Manager will help you fit all the pieces together. You’ll see how everything works as a complete (and extremely busy) business.

  • Weeks 50-52

    Weeks 50-52

    Well done, you’ve nearly made it. Your final project work will focus on Store Operations. You’ll show us how you can apply your knowledge in different business situations, and present your ideas to the Directors.


Who we're looking for

The General Management Industrial Placement is so much more than a learning experience. It’s a real job with actual responsibilities. And it can be hard work. Which is why we look for people who like to take on any challenge, and enjoy exceeding expectations. Everyone is different at Aldi. It’s what makes it work. But we also share some amazing traits. It’s about never giving up; always striving for smarter and simpler ways of doing things.


You’ll need a minimum of:

- 96 UCAS points or 63 Scottish Highers

   (or the equivalent on the old tariff)

   from your top 3 A-Levels/Scottish Highers

   (or the equivalent from other relevant qualifications)

- Working towards 2:1 in any degree discipline

- UK driving licence (and access to a car)

- The right to work in the UK



Competitive salary

We know just how challenging a programme like this is. Which is why we’ll reward you generously for it. You’ll receive a £25,000 salary for the 12 months you spend with us.

Holiday allowance

There’s no denying that you’ll work really hard here at Aldi. Which is why it’s important that you have time to relax. So with four weeks’ holiday allowance, plus bank holidays, you’ll be able to put your feet up and come back raring to go.

Future opportunities

If you’ve worked hard and successfully completed the General Management placement, you could be offered the opportunity to return after graduation on our Graduate Area Manager Programme. Your Direct Leader will need to recommend you first though.

Application process

So this is it. Your chance to show us that you’re perfect for Aldi. Lots of students apply for our Industrial Placements, so it’s incredibly competitive. However, that won’t put you off. In fact, you’ll relish the chance to show us what you can do.


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Online Application

You’ll need to complete an online
application and various tests that will
assess your judgement and your
analytical skills.



Video Application

This is a chance to impress us in a five minute video called ‘Who am I?’. Show us you’re a determined, charismatic leader who we couldn’t do without. We understand that filming this kind of thing can be daunting for some, so we’ve included a helpful film clip above.

Group Assessment

Group Assessment is hard. You’ve got to work as a team, but still let us know that you’ve done your homework about Aldi and that you’re a natural leader. It’s a fair and consistent process, but make your presence known!

Final Interview

Well, you’re nearly there. If you’ve passed everything else, you’ll then have a final interview with your Regional Managing Director, so make sure you’re prepared!




Why not meet us in Person?

You can find out some great information, chat to some of our Area Managers and maybe even meet current Industrial Placement students, at a whole range of events. To help you find your closest event, we’ve put together this little calendar. We’ve also included important dates such as application deadlines, which you can then put into your diary.

  • February

    27th February 2018
    Careers Fair
    Loughborough University
  • March

    1st March 2018
    Military Employment Fair
    Military Employment Fair Catterick
    7th March 2018
    Spring Careers Fair
    University of Liverpool
    21st March 2018
    Summer Opportunities Fair
    Plymouth University
  • April

    19th April 2018
    Military Employment Fair
    Military Employment Fair- Newark
    27th April 2018
    Big Graduate Fair
    University of Cardiff
  • May

    9th May 2018
    The Grad Fair
    University of Manchester
    17th May 2018
    Military Employment Fair
    Military Employment Fair Edinburgh
    28th May 2018
    Graduate Careers Fair
    University of Edinburgh
  • June

    6th June 2018
    Military Employment Fair
    Military Employment Fair- Bristol
  • July

    12th July 2018
    Military Employment Fair
    Military Employment Fair Stafford
  • November

    22nd November 2018
    Military Employment Fair
    Military Employment Fair Catterick

The application window for our 2019/2020 placements is now open