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Where will the role take you?

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So what’s it really like? The first video features General Management Industrial Placement student Andy, who talks to us about his time in store and the impact he’s had on our business. Then we have Lucie, one of our rising stars who shares with you how challenging, but also how thrilling, an Industrial Placement can be. Then watch Jess, as she gives us an insight into how to make a great impression. And finish with Oliver, now our Group Managing Director, who reflects on his experience as an Industrial Placement Student, and how it helped shape his amazing Aldi career.

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Meet our Industrial Placement students

From General Management to Head Office, our Industrial Placements are a fast-paced introduction to the reality of Aldi: how we tick, what we’re made of, how we’ve transformed into one of the world’s most successful retailers. Whether you’re learning how to lead a store or working on vital projects in Head Office, it’s a breathtaking snapshot of life at Aldi. But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. So pick a student below and find out more about their year with us.


"There's a lot 

to learn. 

But the

support is




General Management Placement

- Loughborough University

- Management Sciences Degree

- 2017-2018

The level of exposure is incredible. I was able to say: I’m running a store over Christmas, I’m leading a team after just 16 weeks’ training, I’m presenting my findings on reactive maintenance at an Area Manager meeting. It gives you first-hand leadership experience and skills that you just won’t get at university. With a placement, you take all your management knowledge and put it into a real-life environment. You get to know the importance of teamwork and, in a sense, it helps shape you as a professional. You get things done significantly quicker and the overall result is better.


But the support is phenomenal. I was working with two Store Managers with over 20 years’ experience, so it was nice to draw on their experiences and their stories, and how they’ve coped with just about anything. Then in Head Office, you see the corporate side of things. It’s still demanding but in a completely different way. But the thing I found fascinating was the whole philosophy of working hard and efficiency, as this doesn’t change whether you’re stacking shelves or sitting in front of your desk. The culture is so unique. You’ll see early on if you don’t want to be part of it. Or if you never want to leave.

"It’s all about

being proactive

and pushing

your own development."



General Management Placement

- Food Marketing and Business Economics Degree

- Reading University

- 2017-2018

Anyone can probably tell that I’m really passionate about Aldi. It just suits me. And it’s given me so many opportunities to progress. I led a store, ran out-of-store projects, and met so many people across the business. While you’re given a lot of responsibility, it’s not overwhelming because you get so much support. But I’m also not treated any differently than people who’ve been at Aldi for years. I’ve heard horror stories of students on placements elsewhere just making cups of tea all day - but it was genuinely the opposite. 


I’ve always been quite confident. But the placement really improved me professionally and personally. I now know I can achieve a lot, and I’m going back to university with the drive I need to do well. Just the presentations I’ve had to deliver are going to be so helpful. I’m not going to be anywhere near as worried as I was before. Because it’s normal for me now. My advice for aspiring Industrial Placement students? Be proactive and push your own development. If you do that, work hard and give it everything, then you really couldn’t ask for better support. Or a better year.


"I was providing real

solutions to real problems.

It was a fantastic




Corporate Logistics Placement

- Sheffield Hallam University

- Business and Financial Management Degree

- 2017-2018

Even as an Industrial Placement student, you’re not just another cog in the system at Aldi. You’re actually important to the company, providing real solutions to real problems. During my year in Corporate Logistics, I was mostly involved in projects. I started on pallet optimisation, before taking on projects focused around central bakery and crates. Each one helped us to save costs throughout the supply chain. As a student, it made me feel quite empowered and important to Aldi’s success.


Because I was in Logistics, Aldi wanted me to get a complete overview of the entire supply chain – so I actually spent four weeks working in an Aldi store, and another four in a Distribution Centre. I got to see every aspect of what’s done in Corporate Logistics at Head Office all the way through to how it impacts our stores. It really helped me to understand how ideas and solutions might impact other areas of the business. You can’t see that unless you experience everything. I applied to Aldi because I wanted to challenge myself. I knew I’d get fantastic training and support. But I was surprised how friendly everyone is. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. 

"I’ve learnt so

much more than I

ever expected 



Corporate Responsibility Placement

- Aston University 

- Business & Sociology Degree

- 2017-2018

It’s amazing how much responsibility Aldi’s given me. I really didn’t know what to expect, and was just hoping to learn about how the business runs. But I actually took the lead on real projects! It meant that I could make a positive impact on a wide range of Corporate Responsibility areas such as waste, health, ethics within the supply chain, and plastic packaging. These all had a real effect on the business, and focused on how Aldi engage with their customers. As a Business & Sociology student, it was so beneficial to my degree.


I wanted to do my placement at Aldi because it's a hugely successful and growing business. So I knew there would be more opportunities than maybe elsewhere. But I soon realised that the year is also a great chance to learn more about yourself. If you come in with an open mind, and just talk to people, you’ll get so much in return. I’m a lot more confident, and my work ethos is incredible now. My one bit of advice for anyone going through the application process is to just be yourself. I was quite nervous before my final interview. But everyone was so friendly and made me feel really comfortable.

The application window for our 2021/2022 Industrial Placement Programmes is now open.