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A big part of our ethos is to deliver products of the same (or higher) quality than the leading brand - in whatever market we’re operating in. It’s working a treat so far: our own-label products are winning awards left, right and centre. The Quality Assurance team have a major role to play by developing tools that allow internal and external partners to assess products in a truly consistent and objective way.

Take food for example. We can judge it by its appearance; we can smell it and taste it. However, these sensory observations are open to interpretation. By providing our colleagues with templates, they can clarify their thoughts and provide comprehensive, consistent feedback. We also use ‘sensory’ panels of experts who are sensitive to different aspects of flavour, such as bitterness or sourness. This allows for a greater level of scientific testing and higher quality products for our customers

It’s important to tackle QA from a legal and safety perspective, so we ensure that our partners always comply with regulations. We’re also closely aligned with Customer Services and fully investigate any customer concerns or issues that have been raised by organisations such as environmental health. All in all, QA is a challenging and very important part of the business.

What kind of roles are there?

In our Head Office, we have a Director who are supported by a team of Managers and Assistants who take care of everything from Food to Textiles to Electricals. There are also smaller teams who look after other lines such as make-up, cleaning products and ‘Specialbuys’ like TVs and saucepans. A further team acts as the link between Quality Assurance and Quality Control. 

Which role would be perfect for you? 

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Reporting into the Quality Assurance Director, you’ll develop, recommend, implement and manage solutions that improve the collation and efficiency of QA data. Much of your role involves close collaboration with both internal and external partners.

For instance, you’ll help Buyers to develop testing requirements across different foods, to ensure that we’re ‘first to market’ with quality products at the lowest prices. Equally, you might be managing the external testing of special purchase items with Technical Consultants. You’ll also contribute to Aldi’s International QA Committee, an excellent forum for sharing ideas and Best Practice solutions.

A strong leader, you’ll motivate your team and develop their knowledge and initiative, so that everyone understands their role and what’s expected of them. You’ll also have a variety of personnel responsibilities, such as completing performance reviews, supervising any training and authorising holidays. As a team, you’ll ensure that the department runs efficiently and that all supporting documents (such as testing records) are completed and secure.

This is an excellent - and unusually varied - role that plays a key role in Aldi’s reputation and success. 


  • Competitive starting salary rising in stages to £73,450   
  • 5 weeks’ annual leave plus Bank Holidays   
  • Full training provided   
  • Company pension from commencement
  • Private employee medical insurance after 2 years   
  • Life assurance   
  • Company sick pay scheme   
  • Company maternity, paternity and adoption leave  
  • Long service awards
Quality Assurance Assistant

Quality Assurance Assistant

Our QA Manager will rely on you and the rest of your team to provide a reliable, comprehensive support service. Essentially, you’ll help the department put our products through their paces. For instance, you might need to organise panels for testing, coordinate meetings with suppliers or help to investigate why an error has occurred if there’s a product recall. You’re championing our customers’ wishes without them ever knowing it.

Crucially, you’ll need to act as a knowledgeable, central point of communication for the wider business on all QA matters. You’ll understand the commitments and movements of your Manager or Director - and co-ordinate their diary. You’ll also manage the flow of correspondence into (and out of) the department, ensuring that everything is carefully filed away and secure.

It’s an important, hugely varied role that supports Aldi’s success in the marketplace, both now and in the future. 


  •  £29,800 rising in stages to £34,800 after 4 years 
  •  5 weeks’ annual leave plus Bank Holidays   
  •  Full training provided   
  •  Company pension after 4 years   
  •  Company sick pay scheme   
  •  Company maternity, paternity and adoption leave after 2 years   
  •  Long service awards


We’re good at lots of things at Aldi, but we’re particularly good at looking after our people. Yes, you’ll need to work hard and we expect you to be committed (you know, turning up on time, working hard, that sort of thing) but we’ll make every effort to show our appreciation. That’s why we offer the following benefits:

Market-leading package

Yes, the rumours are true: we pay incredibly well. But in return, we’ll ask a lot of you. That’s why we want you to feel looked after.

Nice working environment

Fresh. Energised. Attractive. Those are just some of the terms you could use to describe where you’ll work. It’s the kind of place where you can do great things. A place where your ideas will be heard and you’ll have the freedom to put them into action.

Excellent work-life balance

We always make sure our people have a great work-life balance. Plenty of time off, fantastic benefits and some decent salaries to holiday in style.

Great opportunities to develop

At Aldi we’ll value you for what you can do, rather than where you’ve come from. So we’ll accept, recognise and often implement your ideas and recognise your contribution.

Meet our Quality Assurance Team

So who are this illustrious bunch of quality champions? Let’s meet them and find out why they love being part of all things ‘quality’ at Aldi.

David Roos

Quality Assurance Director


Did you know... Aldi has a 9% volume share of the sausage roll market. Every year, we sell enough sausage rolls to stretch from Atherstone to New York City! 


We’re delighted that you’d like to apply. It’s pretty competitive so make sure you’ve done your homework and that you’re primed and ready to demonstrate your skills.