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Our marketing campaigns have been hugely successful in introducing our business to a much wider audience. Gone are the days when Aldi was thought of as merely ‘a discount retailer’.

We’re now more appealing than ever with quality products, warm humour and a sense of doing the right thing by our customers and suppliers. Now, as we continue to grow faster than any other retailer, we need to make sure our strong communications continue, across every kind of media.

Everyone in this department has brought specialist skills and experience from a marketing or advertising area, which has created a truly world-class team. What’s more, we’re still relatively small, so that means more responsibility, more focus on strategy and more chance to make an impact.

What kind of roles are there?

Our Marketing & Communications department is lean, smart and hugely effective. As with any Aldi department, we don’t need hundreds of people milling about. We have the right people doing what they’re great at, and getting some fantastic results for the business.

It’s not a place where you can relax and put your feet up. You’re expected to work very hard but you can see how the decisions you make are driving the business forward. Every task you do is important. 

Marketing & Communications Manager

Marketing & Communications Manager

Our brand is everything to us so we’re very careful about who we have looking after it. As our Marketing Manager, you’ll be our brand guru, ensuring that the Aldi personality is always unique, powerful and consistent in the marketplace.

Reporting to the Marketing/PR Director, you’ll manage a team of Marketing/PR Assistants and oversee all our advertising, marketing and PR processes and systems. Importantly, you’ll work with marketing agencies to ensure that we tackle every challenge with efficiency, innovation and insight. For instance, if we need to get an ad in tomorrow’s national press, you’d swiftly get the agency on board, get the ideas, have them approved and get them out to press in around six hours. It’s incredibly fast-paced but you’ll be the kind of person who loves every minute.


  • Competitive salary rising in increments to £76,495 in year 4
  • 5-day/50-hour week, working Monday- Friday
  • 5 weeks’ annual leave plus Bank Holidays   
  • Full training provided   
  • Company pension from commencement 
  • Private employee medical insurance after 6 months 
  • Life assurance   
  • Company sick pay scheme   
  • Company maternity, paternity and adoption leave   
  • Long service awards
Marketing & Communications Assistant

Marketing & Communications Assistant

We’re a relatively small, tight-knit team who are passionate about what we do. The most important thing is that we always present Aldi in a unique, powerful and consistent way in a tough marketplace.

Providing knowledgeable and insightful support to the Marketing/PR Manager in all areas of advertising, marketing and PR, you’ll work with your colleagues to ensure that Aldi’s message is crystal clear. You’ll be a great multitasker, able to deliver on time and on budget to a high standard. You’ll also manage the accurate flow of information into (and out of) the department in an efficient and discreet way. But perhaps your biggest quality is to remain calm under pressure. That way, we can get that press release out or that ad in the paper in a fast, efficient and effective way. True Aldi style.


  • £31,040 rising in increments to £36,245 in year 5 
  • 5 weeks’ annual leave plus Bank Holidays   
  • Full training provided   
  • Company pension after 4 years   
  • Company sick pay scheme   
  • Company maternity, paternity and adoption leave after 2 years   
  • Long service awards


We’re good at lots of things at Aldi, but we’re particularly good at looking after our people. Yes, you’ll need to work hard and we expect you to be committed (you know, turning up on time, working hard, that sort of thing) but we’ll make every effort to show our appreciation. That’s why we offer the following benefits:

Market-leading package

Yes, the rumours are true: we pay incredibly well. But in return, we’ll ask a lot of you. That’s why we want you to feel looked after.

Nice working environment

Fresh. Energised. Attractive. Those are just some of the terms you could use to describe where you’ll work. It’s the kind of place where you can do great things. A place where your ideas will be heard and you’ll have the freedom to put them into action.

Excellent work-life balance

We always make sure our people have a great work-life balance. Plenty of time off, fantastic benefits and some decent salaries to holiday in style.

Great opportunities to develop

At Aldi we’ll value you for what you can do, rather than where you’ve come from. So we’ll accept, recognise and often implement your ideas and recognise your contribution.

Meet our Marketing & Communications Team

These are the masterminds behind some of our most successful campaigns to date. Find out why they wanted to be part of (and let’s face it, take into the stratosphere) our lovely brand.

Richard Thornton

Marketing and Communications Manager


Did you know...we're giving the country a lot of bubbles. Because for every 12 bottles of Champagne sold in the UK, one has been bought at Aldi.


We’re delighted that you’d like to apply. It’s pretty competitive so make sure you’ve done your homework and that you’re primed and ready to demonstrate your skills.